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10 Things to do in Corregidor

May 27, 2011

If you’ve done the historical day trip tour and adventure tour in Corregidor, here’s a list of other things you can do on the island if you decide to stay overnight.

1. Catch the famous Corregidor sunset.  The view from Battery Grubbs, overlooking Bataan, is great. I think the ruins also look more dramatic with a sunset silhouette. Early risers can catch the sunrise tour at the island’s tailside the next day. Personally, I prefer sunsets.

2. Explore the lateral tunnels of Malinta at night. This “ghost-hunting” tour that takes you through the unexplored side of Malinta Tunnel’s 1,000 bed hospital area during World War II is pretty cool. At times, the guides made us turn off our flashlights and we were forced to walk through the tunnels in complete darkness.

3. Check into the “31-star hotel” Corregidor Inn. As guides say, the hotel has 31 rooms, each has its own star. (Yeah, you’ve probably heard that before.) Rooms are very cozy, air-conditioned, with hot and cold shower (no TV though unless you get the VIP Suite).

4. Explore the island on foot. We hiked the long way  through some of the woodland trails from Corregidor Inn to the Mindanao Garden of Peace, which has a good view of the tail of the island. Going back, we had to cut across the Malinta Tunnel to save some time.

5. Watch out for wildlife. Corregidor is great place to go birdwatching, and we spotted a couple of wild birds on the island during the hike. We also caught some other interesting wildlife roaming about the ruins.

6. Brush up on your history. Aside from visiting the ruins, there are several museums, including the Filipino War Memorial Museum and Pacific War Memorial Museum, which are worth a visit.

7. Visit the San Jose Chapel. According to our guide, some weddings have been held here in this charming chapel. The ruins are also popular for pre-nup shoots. (Note: You’ll have to rent a private van around the island if you want to do a pre-nup shoot there)

8. Try out their other activities. Corregidor offers various activities like camping, cycling (you have to bring your own bike), and hiking tours. They also have a new zipline that goes from the back of the restaurant/inn to the beach area. If you’re staying in the hotel, you can also borrow board games for free 🙂

9. Photo trip 1. This probably goes without saying, but take the typical “Corregidor” shots (posing on top of cannons, through the barrel, in front of Malinta tunnel, etc.) for your FB profile to show you were actually there. Yes, I am guilty of this.

10. Photo trip 2. Take some other photos of Corregidor as well that don’t have your face in every frame. 🙂 If you’re looking to join a group or take better photos, check out photo tours like Backpack Photography, which let you “see and shoot the Rock” in a new light. Their next photo tour to Corregidor is scheduled on  July 2-3, 2011.

All photos by Kara Santos except for those where I’m in the photo (by Art Fuentes)

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  1. June 6, 2011 1:48 pm

    Hi Kara, haven’t seen you in a while! This is a very informative post! I haven’t been to Corregidor yet, though. Sucks! 😀

    • June 6, 2011 3:43 pm

      thanks ken. i just got to visit corregidor for the first time last year. lapit kasi eh. hope to see you around! sana may lakbay norte reunion ulit 😀


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