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Postcards from Waterworld

August 25, 2011

A photo essay I did for the Asian Center for Journalism (ACFJ)’s photojournalism course is currently featured in

The online photo magazine ANINAG (which means to see, to be visible) was formed by Filipino photographers Estan Cabigas, Buck Pago and Gigie Cruz under the guidance of veteran photojournalist Jimmy Domingo. According to the founders, while documentary photography has long been a tradition in the Philippines, opportunities for publication and exhibition of such works remain limited.

The idea of forming a platform for Philippine Documentary Photographers came independently to yours truly and Buck. Both recognize the importance of internet communications technologies that can be utilized to showcase the works of Filipino photographers as well as to encourage documentary photography in the country. – Estan Cabigas,

Check out the gallery of previous work, which shows rich documentary stories like Estan’s dwindling flagellants of Infanta, Brad Feliciano’s portraits of gay senior citizens living in a “Home for Golden Gays” and Cheryl Baldicantos’ closer look at the dancing prisoners of Cebu.

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